Saws Bone Machine JY-2000

Saws Bone Machine JY-2000

Product description:

Bone Saws JY-2000 Description

Bone Saws JY-2000 features:
l The product adopts the international advanced technology and design.
l selection of stainless steel materials, in line with international food hygiene requirements.
l medium-sized bone saw machine, fixed workbench.
l sliding table booster system, make operation easier.
l motor, drive mechanism arranged accurate and reasonable. power powerful blade is stable and reliable, maintenance-free and long service life.
l saw blade selection imported from Sweden saw blade, sharp and durable.
l saw the belt tensioning device allows the tension transferred to the best state.
l with automatic stop sensor safety switch, up and down movements of the saw with protective cover. Waterproof safety outlet.
l smooth interior for easy cleaning.
l in the upper and lower blade are decorated with alloy guide block, superior smooth running performance.
l The product has reached the level of performance and quality of similar products in Europe and America.

Bone Saws JY-2000 uses:
l meat rough, deep-processing enterprises
l widely used in medium-sized aquatic products processing enterprises, medium-sized abattoirs, supermarkets, etc.

Bone Saws JY-2000 Technical parameters:
l Model Specifications: BB-2000
l Opening size: 310 MM height X230 Wide
l Dimensions: 680X620X1040MM
l Table size: 650X610MM
l Power: 1.5KW
l Weight: 78 kg Voltage: Three-phase