Bone Saw JY-310

Bone Saw JY-310

Product description:

Bone Saw JY-310 Description

Bone Saw JY-310 features:
l This product is derived from the Italian design process and philosophy
l selection of high quality stainless steel
l floor-bone saw, stationary large table
1 sliding table booster system, make operation easier
l motor, drive mechanism arranged accurate and reasonable, stable operation
l maximizing the life of each of the saw blade
l saw with automatic tensioning device allows the tension transferred to the best state
l with sensor security automatic stop switch, adjustable up and down movements saw with protective cover
l Special waterproof safety socket, available operating protection
l saw blade selection imported from Sweden, reliable, sharp and durable
l sawdust collection box, to avoid wastage
l Internal smooth, easy to clean
l built-tungsten steel guide block, reduce wear, accurate and reliable
l The product has reached the level of performance and quality of similar products in Europe and America
l widely used in large and medium-sized fish processing enterprises, meat processing enterprises

Bone Saw JY-310 Technical parameters:
Opening size: 310X230mm
Dimensions: 710X730X1565mm
Table size: 630X660mm
Power: 1.5KW
Weight: 100 kg
Voltage: Three-phase

Bone Saw JY-310 prominent advantages:
Security: bar, double safety push plate feed, door sensors, door is not closed, the machine is not running, the cost price of your gloves with steel wire
Convenient: automatic blade tensioning, do not rely on feel to tighten the blade with a scale, it is easy to control the cutting size sawdust collection device can be unified to collect sawdust in the following box to prevent sawdust outside interests.
Material: 304 stainless steel
Guide block: steel, mosaic bottom, four sides are available for three years, usually in the middle mosaic machine, aluminum block or plastic, can wear one face, life expectancy in eight months or so.
Model: Medium vertical, generally medium-sized bone saw machine is a desktop.
Blade: with a Swedish import, sawdust small, fast, long life (than the United States, South Korea, domestic blade).
Services: cities of the provinces or cities have well-known professional service engineer.