Bone Saw TJ-420

Bone Saw TJ-420

Product description:

Bone Saw TJ-420 Description

Bone Saw TJ-420 features:
- The whole machine made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel 304, easy to clean.
- Drive wheel 304 stainless steel .
- Drive wheel is connected using the coupling speed, the motor is equipped with power brakes function .
- Saws with pressure tensioning device, easy to adjust and install .
- Bilateral drive wheel designed to prevent the tape off.
- Door cover mounted safety switch, safe.
- High-speed saw cutting more stable, reducing scrap meat production.
- With a dial gauge easy to operate.
- The machine is designed to meet CE standards.
- Machinery left or right can be customized.
- You can choose mobile or stationary workbench.
- Fast thickness adjustment device can accurately adjust the thickness of the device easy to operate and scale .
- Upper wheel with manual brakes .
- Workbench thickness of 6 mm.
- Skateboard can be customized.
- Optional security putter designed to improve work safety.

Bone Saw TJ-420 Technical parameters :
Machine Specification : 1055 * 934 * 1897mm
Workbench : 1055 * 934mm
Maximum width : 406 * 435
Motor : 4HP / 3pn
Cutting length : 3150mm
Cutting speed : 37m
Weight : 250KG