Meat grinder JY-432

Meat grinder JY-432

Product description:

Mincer JY-432 Description

Mincer JY-432 Mechanical characteristics:
High power output power, by gear box provides a complete safety equipment, no noise, mechanical modular favor quick service .

Mincer JY-432 production characteristics :
A large tray loaded meat, meat adjustable aperture hole out .
Stainless steel, imported from Germany and Italy reamer cutting plate longer life better, power, gear, high efficiency, fast, modular design makes the device more compact and convenient maintenance.

Mincer JY-432 Cleaning:
Meat grinder head easily removable, fine mold design, beautiful machine modeling, curve and smooth, easy to clean.

Mincer JY-432 Technical parameters :
Power : 4 KW
Dimensions : 1020 * 660 * 920mm
Production capacity : 1000kg / h
Weight : 100kg