Fresh corn sheller TJ-268

Fresh corn sheller TJ-268

Product description:

The sweet corn kernels and stems separated, threshing depth adjustable.
Suitable for food processing plants with rapid freezing and canning industry who use corn shortage .

Machine made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel, with castors easy to move ;
Simple operation, suitable for all kinds of fresh, after sweet, waxy corn, thawed frozen corn threshing .
By a special motor driven, more resistant to impact, the inverter speed control .
Adaptability: both factories with assembly line for mass production, but also to adapt family workshops processing.
High utilization : corn on the cob can be automatically adjusted according to the size, suitable for all sizes of corn threshing .
Threshing depth adjustable, sweet corn peel net rate of 100 %.
Long tool life: the use of special stainless steel materials, special treatment, not long sharpening, more durable.
Service: lifetime technical services and spare parts supply for free.
Parts by product cost to customers, customers at ease .

Machine size : 630 * 620 * 1250mm
Yield : 500-600KG / HR finished corn kernels
Weight : 100KG
Power: 220V single-phase
Horsepower : 1HP + 1 / 2HP + 1 / 4HP