Small garlic machine TJ-308

Small garlic machine TJ-308

Product description:

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Small-scale Garlic Machine TJ-308 Description

Small-scale Garlic Machine TJ-308 features:
Small garlic machine TJ-308 fresh or marinated peppers into small pieces like or mashed, while also the garlic, ginger, potato, spinach, onion, lotus root labeled mashed or finely cut shape, number of blades You can freely add, easy to use, suitable for seasoning plants, restaurants, kitchens.

Small-scale Garlic Machine TJ-308 Technical parameters:
Garlic Machine Size: 560X300X700mm
Yield: 100-200Kg / h
Horsepower: 1HP

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5 small food processing machinery: Manual Shredder, hand cut fries machine, hand cut petals machines.

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