Large Shredder TJ-306

Large Shredder TJ-306

Product description:

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Large Shredder TJ-306 Description

Large Shredder TJ-306 uses:
Large Shredder TJ-306 can cut long strip onions, garlic, Philippines yellow, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, fish, tofu, spinach, surface roots, melons, and the other to replace the cutter disc can be cut rhizome class of vegetables, such as shredded bamboo shoots, sliced, shredded radish slices can be connected to automated production lines for the food processing industry, the central kitchen.

Large Shredder TJ-306 Technical parameters:
Length: 0-60mm adjustable
Cutting capacity: 800-1500kg / hour
Power: 1HP + 2HP
Weight: 150kg
Size: 1020 * 760 * 1370mm
Standard random distribution one pair of pole

PS1: All stainless steel knife

PS2: sword made of SUS440, intensity than the sword

SUS420 three times higher

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