Wash potatoes production line

Wash potatoes production line

Product description:

product description
Lifting conveyor : This machine frame is made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel, food- grade rubber conveyor belt, can be used for raw material in the food industry to enhance delivery size : 2240X800X2400mm Power : 1.1KW

LXTP-3000 spiral washing peeling machine this model for large tubers vegetable peeler cleaning, closed. Material from the spiral brush slowly advancing forward a discharge, the built-in high-pressure sprinkler rinse it is mainly used for potatoes, carrots, taro and other root vegetable washing and peeling, such as the use softer brush, you can reach for the fruit and vegetable polishing wax effect. suitable for large-scale automated production lines and match
Dimensions : 2730x950x1570 mm
Mao roll length : 2200 mm
Production capacity : 3000-5000KG / hour