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Vegetables machine JY-2500

Vegetables machine JY-2500
  • Vegetables machine JY-2500
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JY-2500 will cut vegetables, fruits, high-pressure gas bubbles in a water bath under the impact of the material in the water, flip, effectively separate sediment, impurities, dirt, water surface of vegetables
Size can be controlled, clean off the dirt, the filter was blocked, and clean the dishes, raised from the conveyor belt into the next step in the promotion process is spray cleaning again.
Operation, into the water and spray water pipes always, the sewage in the tank gradually being replaced. Multifunction vegetables machine JY-2000 is suitable for large-scale Vegetable Processing.

Technical Parameters
Voltage: 380V / 50HZ
Dimensions: 3400 * 1160 * 1480 (mm)
Power: 3.7KW

1, from the date of purchase, under normal usage within one year if found indeed due to manufacturing quality problems, the factory give free repair or replacement parts.
2, due to improper operation, overload, collision, into the foreign body parts or other reasons caused by damage to the machine, factory to provide service, all costs borne by the user.
3, bearings, bolts, belts, blades, and other standard parts are not within three bags.
4, motor warranty for one year as difficult to repair, the machine can be mailed back to us. You will get free maintenance. (Due to improper user operation, and motor damage and will be charged accordingly)
5. After the warranty period, such as damage to the machine, and still provide postal service, but will be charged for the cost of individual components.