Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608

Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608

Product description:

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Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608 Description

Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608 uses
Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608 for sausages, oil rice, meat, rice cakes, sauces, etc., so that the different mixing ratio of primary materials. The machine adopts 304 stainless steel, blade with a small gap barrel body, fake manpower principle stirring and mixing, not to hurt the material and do not stay dead, easy to clean.

Uniaxial Mixer TJ-608 Technical Data
T-Bar 1450 (L) * 500 (W) * 1250 (H)
The bucket size: 900 (L) * 420 (W) * 580 (H)
Feeding amount: 90kg / times
Total running time 2HP single phase motor attached gear can be set
Automatic control is reversed
Voltage: Three-phase 220V / three phase
Capacity: 140 to 150 liters

Horsepower: 1HP

Size: 1300 * 550 * 1270 mm

Weight: 120KG

PS1: Glazed design, operation status to see ingredients

PS2: safety switch design, that is off the lid open

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