Vacuum Tumbler JY-180

Vacuum Tumbler JY-180

Product description:

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Vacuum Tumbler JY-180 Description

Vacuum Tumbler JY-180 features:
1, shorten the soaking time, greatly improving efficiency .
2, a more uniform seasoning, since the role of the vacuum pump, the taste penetrate into the flesh.
3, there is a good tender and conditioning .

Vacuum Tumbler JY-180 Technical Data
Dimensions: height 980mm width 840mm length 1380mm
Drum drive power : 0.55Kw
Vacuum pump power : 0.75Kw
Vacuum degree : -0.085Mpa
Drum capacity : 180 l
Maximum feeding amount : 160kg
Time controller adjustable range : 0s-99h
Roller Speed ​​: 4r.p.m
Power specifications : 380V 50Hz
Weight : 250kg

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