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Meat Ding machine JY-550

Meat Ding machine JY-550
  • Meat Ding machine JY-550
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Meat Ding machine JY-550 Description

Meat Ding machine JY-550 uses:
Ding compact machine JY-550 meat dicing machine this structure, optimized hygienic design, chassis, cutting knife gate are made of stainless steel material, the use of double-edged knife cutting, high efficiency, cut diced Specifications Minimum 5mm maximum 30mm. is essential in food processing equipment.

Meat Ding machine JY-550 main features:
Cutting thickness adjustment knob for the plunger variable speed to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.
Using a pre-pressure design, the cutting process, to ensure uniform diced pieces.
Single edge cutting, meat push rod for stepping motion to ensure correct cutting dimension.

Meat Ding machine JY-550 main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 700-900kg / h
Cutting tank size: 120 * 120 * 550mm
Power: 3.7KW
Cutting grid size: 567,891,113,162,027 other sizes are available upon request
Dimensions: 1940 * 980 * 1100
Weight: 700kg

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