Birds class dicer TJ-300

Birds class dicer TJ-300

Product description:

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Birds category dicer TJ-300 Description

Birds category dicer TJ-300 uses
Birds class dicer TJ-300 for cartilage birds will take a one-time cut into strips, twice cut into pieces ( d) state, such as : birds, pigeons, chickens, ducks and other for fast-food distribution center, large canteen, food processing plants.

Birds category dicer TJ-300 Technical Data
Machine size : 720 (L) x500 (W) x800 ﹝ H ﹞ (mm)
Yield : 800KG / HR
Weight : 85KG
Horsepower : 2HP
Power : 380V 50Hz
Cutting Size : 5-40mm
Knife speed : 170rpm

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