Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532

Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532

Product description:

Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532 Description

Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532 Technical parameters:
Yield: 1200Kg / H
Dimensions: height 1505mm width 560mm length 1030mm
Power: 5.1KW 380V 50Hz
Weight: 270kg

Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532 performance:
Large mixing ground meat machine JY-532 adopts the international advanced technology, the whole gang stainless steel, stirred active feed, greatly improving the feed rate, time-saving, reamer imported from Germany, durable.
Large Meat stirring machine JY-532 is designed to minced meat products without bones, and because of its large inlet aperture, can be used to handle large pieces of meat.
Recommend twisted lump of meat cut approximately 40 * 70 * 150 mm, the meat temperature should not be below 2 ℃.

In the meat grinder, mixing process should be noted:
1. do not touch the machine during rotation extending into the ground meat barrel in order to avoid the hand injury accident.
2. To twist the meat must go to the net skin, bone, tendons; and the meat cut into thin strips, in order to avoid damage to the machine if you must Meat skin, meat tendons, should be cut, cut small.
3. Empty started turning the screw must sign within the meaning of the arrow in the same direction; Once normal operation, carried out before the meat into ground meat ground meat barrel, or likely to cause meat stuck parts, so that the machine can not start and normal operation, and in severe racking Meat cylinder, round meat, even burn out the motor.
The discovery of the motor is not functioning properly, you should immediately turn off the power, stop to check the reasons, to see if there is skin, bone, tendons stuck.
5. If the meat was mushy, it may be caused by the following reasons:
⑴ too loose wheel caused the meat cutter and a plate of meat is bad, you should readjust;
⑵ meat clogging of the orifice, to give clear;
⑶ reamer too blunt, grinding or should be replaced.