Apple Computer air11 13 bag Macbook 12 sleeve pro13.3 protective sleeve 15 inch laptop mac

Apple Computer air11 13 bag Macbook 12 sleeve pro13.3 protective sleeve 15 inch laptop mac

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color: black leather yellow gentleman gray Midnight Blue Christmas beautiful fresh green coffee brown powder pink and elegant mint green Tyrant gold elegant purple yellow green new green lake daylight blue rose red orange elegant sapphire blue [Photos] do not get the same paragraph +15 yuan admission package Air11 Please shoot-inch 11-inch, Air13 / Pro13 inch please shoot new 13-inch inch Macbook12 please shoot 12-inch, Retina15 please shoot 15-inch machine models, please leave a message, this section does not apply with drive Pro
  • Styles: Notebook sleeve sleeve
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 11 inches 12 inches 13 inches 15 inches
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: Tai Kesen

Product Testimonials

This holster Air in September 2010 by our product design and development unit, had only Apple authorized stores sales. However, with the decline of physical stores, we started using Tai Kesen brand into online sales in 2013, Because of good quality, style is simple, the price is close to the people, access to online customers of the pro-Lai! However, some other manufacturers have seen our sales began wantonly imitation of our products, with the inferior material, online selling at low prices! have a greater impact on us, but most Apple users are with the pursuit of a higher quality, so we have been insisting the extension of high-quality materials and workmanship! generic prevailing in the current domestic environment, we can not expect us to be like Finnish brands, because a sock mobile phone sets, prevailing global; nor can expect as the Italian brand, because a wo-mb Apple to seize the global package of accessories Apple store shelf!
We only want to have power and constantly develop new capital! With your support, we will go further!

This air holster process is invisible car line process of our own, without destroying the overall appearance of the simple holster! To air and simple appearance perfect match! Lining of this process is relatively high, because all ! car lines are cars in the lining, we all forces in the lining we tried many common lining: flannel, common pigskin (now 99% of online imitations are using this material), and we chose the fixed import island microfiber, microfiber has a better than leather firm and abrasion resistance, while Microfiber cost is six times as much as ordinary pigskin! This additional leather because simple, so every detail must be done very fine, in order to perfect, so can not be above the oil side, can not fault! edge oil quality and oil edge technology requirements are very high! we can not do the kind of near-perfect Macbook machine, but we strive to make almost perfect leather to match!


Note: Which sleeve 13-inch Pro version is only available for the new Retina 13-inch Pro (without CD-ROM version), the old section of the 13-inch Pro is not fit, such as their computer models difficult to confirm, please consult customer Service Hotline!!! 15 inch Pro version is only available for the new Retina 15-inch Pro (without CD-ROM version),