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Pzoz Apple 4 iphone4s phone shell mobile phone shell border ip4 four men metal frame protective sleeve shell

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Product parameters:

  • Protector textures: metal
  • Style: borders
  • Color: "clip" blue/CI30 "snaps"/CI31 gold "buckle" Silver/CI32 "snaps" pink/CI27 "snaps" black/CI28 "bi-color buckle arcs in the hippocampus" pink Phnom Penh/CY75
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Applicable phone models: Apple/Apple
  • Model: iPhone4S
  • Brand: Pzoz
  • Model: Apple border iPhone4/4S metal casing

Collection before and after that send HD film 1 and button 2 tablets

1.New arrival arc border strongly recommend feel super good texture round small Florida five-star recommendation

2.Unique matching tips:
Less is more: don't know how to control colors, but want to book cases, simplicity is beautiful. Xiaofu why recommends that you compact, metal frame + tempered glass membrane is decoration enough mobile phones. The casual attitude toward cell phone looks sloppy, in fact many Oh, window film metallic light perception, and borders, Apple tall sense immediately was underscored. Generally do not choose the border color, and want to take the simple way, just equipped with Oh!

3.Fine ultra thin CNC machining, aluminum composite material thickness in order to 0.7MM. Weight has reached the right hand, in the case of you not feeling into a protective shell, but also protecting your iPhone! Look again in the summer, heat, and protect mobile phone, decorated with what can be better than the border!