No screen clip MP3 MP3 gifts-clip MP3 manufacturers wholesale-clip MP3

No screen clip MP3 MP3 gifts-clip MP3 manufacturers wholesale-clip MP3

Product description:

No screen clip MP3 MP3 gifts-clip MP3 manufacturers wholesale-clip MP3

Package: single MP3=5.5

Package two: single MP3+ headphones + cable + box =7.5

Package three: single MP3+ headphones + cable + box + charger =10

Mobile phone radiation songs very much less than using the card MP3

This product is economical and practical, low cost, small size, convenient operation, pure MP3 music player, she is not only a stylish MP3, it is an element of fashion, accessories.

The product quality is stable, each machine has been carefully tested. Best Board Kit or smart program. Reliable quality, the lowest prices. Customers are welcome to order!!!

This clip in the slots on the original Foundation, no memory in the machine, plug TF card (mobile use TF cards) OK, TF card to purchase.

The price above is single (with OPP bag) price (excluding tax) for parts plus

Accessories: headset, data cable, charger, Crystal case, memory TF card: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB (in accordance with customer needs, another price)

Color: silver, black, blue, red, green, purple, Orange, pink

The main products:

Capacity: none, TF card can use a mobile phone (memory card) to listen to the song. (Downloading songs don't always have to take the data cable)

Second, insert TF (Mictro SD) storage card, maximum support 32GB

Three colors: pink and ... blue ... Green. black. AG. purple. Orange. Red

Four Official standard : Headset, data cable, manual, box with fine crystal.

V, full metal jacket, clip-on design innovation, can be attached. Simple, elegant and fashionable.

Six, supports a variety of digital music in MP3 music format.

Seven can be used as removable flash drive and store MP3 songs or data anytime, anywhere.

Eight, to TF card reader.

Nine, and both MP3 and portable disc function

Ten USB1.1/2.0 interface supports hot-swappable, plug

11, no external power supply

12, using a variety of operating platforms WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP. Version LIUXCORE2.4 or above.

13, a storage medium. No mechanical parts, shock resistant, resistant to electromagnetic interference.

14, stylish small form factor design, beautiful and exquisite workmanship, gifts

Friends believe that many phones will encounter such a situation, such as: TF cards have extra on hand is not used, when trash away unfortunately. Now with this plug-in MP3 player you don't have to worry about your extra card, as long as you push the TF card in the MP3 player you can listen to the song!!!