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Canon LiDE220 Photo Scanner | HD, OCR recognition, PDF, tax incl

Canon LiDE220 Photo Scanner | HD, OCR recognition, PDF, tax incl
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Canon / Canon
  • Model: LiDE220
  • Scanning element: CIS
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed Scanner
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • The largest format: A4
  • Interface type: USB2.0
  • Optical resolution (dpi): 4800x4800dpi

LIDE220 electronic manual: http://www.rican.cn/guide/canon/LIDE220

product description

Not only can the same as the Austrian book placed, scanning space to save money, 4800dpi high-resolution deformation without distortion to bring quality assurance.New scan to the cloud function, at any time to save important documents and precious memories.

4800dpi no deformation scan
Application of LiDE technology to ensure that the edge of the scan without deformation, restore the real manuscript, especially for CD-ROM scanning. Up to 4800dpi scan resolution, the details of the real reproduction, more suitable for the pursuit of details such as photos of the user scan work.

Scan to the cloud
Through the Canon Scanner, support the scan data directly saved to the cloud, synchronous upload saved scanned document or image data and can always search for the required content, with the scan record life bit by bit.

Upright scanning, ultra-thin saves space
Comes with vertical stand, vertical placement, save space. 39 mm ultra-thin body design, more easy to move.

USB connection
No additional power adapter is required for all scanning operations.

Unique Z-type cover
Z-type cover design, you can scan thicker books, to ensure that scan quality.

  • Product specifications
Scan type Flat type
Scan the component CIS
light source RGB three - color LED
Optical resolution *1 4800 x 4800dpi
Difference Resolution *2 25 - 19200 dpi
Color depth Grayscale 16-bit input
8-bit output
color 48-bit input (16 bits per color)
48 or 24-bit output (16 or 8 bits per color)
Preview speed *3 About 9 seconds
Scan speed *4 Color A4 300dpi About 10 seconds
Color 4 '* 6' 300 dpi About 5 seconds
Scan speed *5
(Reflection scanning method)
Grayscale / black and white 11.1 ms / line (4800 dpi)
5.6 ms / line (2400 dpi)
2.8 ms / line (1200 dpi)
1.4 ms / line (600 dpi)
2.2 ms / line (300 dpi)

color 33.2 ms / line (4800 dpi)
16.7 ms / line (2400 dpi)
8.4 ms / line (1200 dpi)
4.3 ms / line (600 dpi)
2.2 ms / line (300 dpi)

Maximum scanning format A4 / LTR: 216 x 297 mm (8.5 x 11.7 inches)
Scan button (EZ button) 5 Press the key (PDF x 2, AUTOSCAN, COPY, SEND)
interface High-speed USB
Operating environment temperature 5 - 35 ° C (41 - 95 ° F)
humidity 10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
powered by USB interface
Power consumption Working maximum About 2.5W
Standby About 1.4W
Shutdown (still connected) About 11 mW
Environmental certification conventional RoHS (EU, China), WEEE (EU)
Ecological label Energy Star
Size (length x width x height) Mm 250 x 365 x 39 mm
weight kilogram 1.6 kg
* 1: The optical resolution is based on the ISO14473 standard proof of the maximum hardware
Resolution 14473 standard. (Optical resolution is based on measurements
ISO14473 standard proof of the maximum hardware resolution)
* 2: Increasing the scan resolution limits the maximum scan area
* 3: lamp adjustment time is not included

* 4: color document (A4 300dpi) file speed is based on ISO / IEC 29183
Target-A measurement standard. Color photo (4'x6 '300dpi) File speed is
Based on ISO // JIS SCID No. 2. Measurement time
From the click scan to drive the scan button to the screen to show off the time, scan
Speed ​​will be based on system settings, interface, software, scan mode settings and text
File size and change
* 5: use USB2.0 high-speed interface to transfer the fastest speed, when transferred to the computer
Is not included
The above specifications are subject to change without notice

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1. Must be within 15 days from the date of purchase will be favorable to please screenshots and fuselage issued to our customer service, by the customer service registration, and receipt confirmation;

2. After confirmation by the shop, the original 1-year warranty, the national security does not change, the restaurant presented the 90-day warranty period will expire after the expiration of the factory warranty, with particular attention to the 90-day warranty period is In the implementation of the shop, non-national UNPROFOR, if the need for warranty, the cost of mail by the buyer.

CanoScan LIDE220 Electronic Manual: Http://www.rican.cn/guide/canon/LIDE220