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2013 Men's Quartz | Analog Black Steel Dial | Black Silicone Band Watch | dual time zone

2013 Men's Quartz | Analog Black Steel Dial | Black Silicone Band Watch | dual time zone
  • 2013 Men's Quartz | Analog Black Steel Dial | Black Silicone Band Watch | dual time zone
Product code: 25352200001
Unit price: 23.5-25.5 CNY
Reference price: 3.41-3.71 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Colour: Black Dial Shape: Round Waterproof: Yes
Item No: s-205 Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can
Origin: Guangzhou Strap Material: silicone The crowd: children
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday Style: Sports Category: Watches
Brand: sbao Movement: Quartz Special Features: Chronograph
The number of cartons: 500 To apply a gender: General Display Type: Pointer

Gemini - Dual Movement Black Silicone Band Watch (two time zones)
Table head diameter: about 4.6cm
Table thickness: about 0.8cm
Strap length: about 25.6cm
Table Bandwidth: about 4.6cm
Weight: 0.08 kg
Waterproof Description:

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Contact: Mr. Deng, Miss Yang
contact number: 13600049113 15975521600
QQ: 397880856 503758431
E-mail: 397880856QQ @ .com 503758431QQ @ .com

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