paracord \7strand paracord \ 8 strand paracord

paracord \7strand paracord \ 8 strand paracord

Product description:

Umbrella rope is an important tool for outdoor survival. Rope is a lightweight artificial rope, usually made of nylon rope woven into 32 shares. Per nylon rope contains a number of thin, these fine lines can be used alone. In most cases the risers are a good choice because it is practical, solid, small and easy to carry.

Green, Khaki, Coyote Brown and other military colors is ideal for military umbrella rope color, because he has good camouflage effect. In outdoor sports, the red is the best, because it highlights the eye-catching, it is easy to find if you put it on the ground, can be used to assist positioning.

Umbrella rope under tension divided by 250 and 550 in two sizes, namely to withstand 250 pounds (about 113 kg) and 550 pounds (249 kg) tension.

Risers Precautions

1 pre-use check ropes

(2) is not dirty ropes

3 does not stampede ropes

4 to prevent contact with sharp objects rope

5 is not a sudden increase in the rope

6 does not borrow and loan the rope