winch rope\UHMWPE ROPE\ UHMWPE towing rope

winch rope\UHMWPE ROPE\ UHMWPE towing rope

Product description:

1. Fiber: UHMWPE fiber

2. Resin: L-Series resin

3. Specification: 2mm-200mm

4. .as strong as a wire rope, with the same diameter but only about 10% of the weight per meter

5. Exceptional strength/ Excellent fatigue resistance/ Durability

6. Chemical Resistance

7. Soft and Better Bending

8. we can also provide rope with stainless steel thimble with locking eye splice at both terminal ends or with one hock with latch and one thimble at each terminal.

9. Various colors

10. we can produce the rope according to your requirement.

11. High Breaking Strength, Low Weight, Low Elongation, Better Control, High Safety, Chemical Resistance, Soft and Better Bending, Various Colors and produced by customer's requirement

12. The Best Replacement of the traditional Stainless Steel ropes. . . Length: 25M, 28M, 30M, 35M, 40M, 45M, 50M, 55M, 60M, 100M, 200M. Accrding to your requirements.

Lead Time: we are factory we already finish braid the rope. Max 10 work days Size: 4MM-20MM availiabe for winch use. Factory price, lowest price Highest quality in ChinaFiber: UHMWPE strongest synthetic fiber in the world .