AL-160 photography lights

AL-160 photography lights

Product description:

160 high -quality lamp beads

CRI ) 85
Color Temperature 5000-5800K
Angle 60 °
Illumination 1400LX
Three colors ( white, orange, blue ) soft baffle

Power 7.4V
Applicable battery SONY F550, F750

With DC interface, you can use a wide voltage (110V-220V)
High -quality camera hot shoe connection base, seamless, perfect combination alone applicable SONY camera dock distribution without buy adapters .

160 LED quality bulbs

CRI) 85

Color temperature 5000-5800k

LED angle 60 °

Luminance 1250

Three soft diffusers, white, yellow, blue.

Power source 7.4V

Compatible battery SONY F550, F750

With DC port. (110V-220V)

High quality camera bracket trippod, fit your camera perfectly, not only canon, nikon, pentax, but also sony.. No need buy any other convertor.