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Manufacturers, wholesale universal charging treasure | New luminescent green version Action Power | iphone phone charging treasure

Manufacturers, wholesale universal charging treasure | New luminescent green version Action Power | iphone phone charging treasure
  • Manufacturers, wholesale universal charging treasure | New luminescent green version Action Power | iphone phone charging treasure
Product code: 25340000001
Unit price: 74-77 CNY
Reference price: 10.75-11.19 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Dimensions: 98X65X20 (mm) Chemical Type: Lithium Ion
model: BRS-088 Standard voltage: 5 (V)
Cycle life: 500 (times) Brand: borosun
certified product: ROHS Rated Capacity: 8800

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Multifunction 8800MAH mobile power supply built-EL paragraph 18650 Class A lithium-ion batteries or lithium polymer (Optional)

Size: 98X65X20MM

Net Weight: 98g

Output voltage: 5V

Input Current: 1000MAH

Output Current: 2000MAH

Input voltage: 5V

Capacity: 8800MAH

Working temperature: -10 ℃ -40 ℃

Storage temperature: 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

Product advantages:

1, high-capacity 8800mah, Dual USB Output

2, the most secure safe 18650 Class A polymer or lithium polymer batteries (optional)

3, two USB output, can charge two devices at the same time to

4, with a power display for each brand mobile phone charging, especially htc, iPhone 4 4s 3g 3gs iPad and other Apple products use

5, piano paint surface design, filling the elegant and graceful, there are many colors to choose

The main function:

1, two USB output interface, while iPad / iPhone charging, can also give two mobile phone or digital equipment charge 28800mAh high-capacity lithium polymer batteries 18650, equivalent to 5-6 cell phone batteries for your mobile phone standby 30 Day 3, durable, charge and discharge cycles ≥500 times

4, intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and display power 5, single shuttle, a button can achieve all function operation, automatic sleep, non-working state automatic dormancy, prevent power loss 6, a machine can, applicable to iPad / iPhone, cell phone, MP3, MP4, GPS and other digital products, plug and play, USB port power supply output, plug in the cable can be realized portable, ready to charge 7, value sharing, no need to bring all kinds of chargers, random attached The adapter can be donated for the brand mobile phone charging Specifications Capacity: 5V / 8800MAH Product Size: 100 * 65 * 23 (mm) Input: 5V / 1A output 1 (OUT1): 5V / 2A (Maximum current 2.1A, Automatic Matching) Output 2 (OUT2): 5V / 600mA (maximum current 1000mA, automatic matching) Battery Life: ≥500 times the number of cycles to use the charging and discharging

1, give this product charge

(1) with a computer USB charging: the accessory USB cable to plug in a dedicated charging adapter (micro USB connector) into the charging port (IN), and the other end is connected to the computer USB port for charging, charging blue lights flashing, fully charged four lights all light up. (It is recommended not to simultaneously charge and discharge)

(2) use your own mobile phone USB charger or DC5V charger: the charger with the USB cable, plug in the special charging adapter access mobile power charging port (IN), the other end (ie Charger ) with the socket connection.

2, for mobile phones, digital charge

(1) power detection:

. a Press mobile power start button, the blue LED indicator shows current charge batteries:

b. Press the mobile power start button, the blue LED indicates low battery flashes.

c. Press mobile power start button, LED indicator does not show, it means the power is exhausted needs to be charged or product failure.

(2) to the mobile phone, digital did not prepare charge:

a. This product has two USB output ports

b. Connect the USB cable round interface to connect Mobile phone adapter, and then insert the phone's charging port, the cable ends into this big USB mobile power marked as OUT of any one USB port.

c. Press the Start button to start the mobile power output, charging mobile phone display.

(3) to be mobile phones, digital products after fully charged, please unplug the mobile power output.

(4) Click the battery indicator button, the product started the output and display power, click again, then turn off the output and turn off the power. When low battery, the product can not start output.