Ultra-thin multi-function mobile phone charger 5000MAH | Mobile Batteries | Emergency Charger | Portable Power

Ultra-thin multi-function mobile phone charger 5000MAH | Mobile Batteries | Emergency Charger | Portable Power

Product description:

Application type: Universal LED lighting: No Power Capacity: 5000MAH
Brand: borosun Whether to support solar energy: No Output voltage: 5V
Input Current: 0.8A Output Current: 1.5A

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I. Specifications

Capacity 5000mAh

Size: 108 * 62 * 14 (mm)

USB Output: 5V 1.5A

Input voltage: 5V 800MA

Charging time: 5.5 hours

Charge mode: CC / CV

Battery life: charge and discharge cycles ≥600 times

Unit Weight: 86G

Packaging volume: 750 * 125 * 22MM

Package Weight: 135.5G

Advantages are as follows:

1. slim, stylish appearance, dimensions only: 108mm X 62mm X 14mm (more stylish and thin), easy to carry.
3. adequate for your safety, circuit board imported from Japan, Korea samsung brands polymer batteries, no explosion hazard.
4. With fully compatible feature phone, PSP, MP3 / MP4, digital cameras and so most of the digital devices.
5. Powerful protection function, independent intelligent batteries protection, charging over-voltage protection and discharge short circuit protection.
6. A class international brand lithium-ion polymer batteries, long life; No memory function, repeated charge-discharge 500 cycles remained more than 80% of electricity when fully charged and fully discharged 5000 mA 5000 mA when that is for a period sufficient for you to use more than 2 years.
7. High conversion efficiency: rated power power conversion up to 90%, far higher than other brand mobile power efficiency of 80%, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
8. has since dormancy function, when the output no current output, the Auto Sleep Sleep consumable ≤20uA, after long periods of time without worrying about the batteries without electricity situation; when there is equipment used, will automatically adjust the current output, really play a plug and play.
9. After 72 hours aging test, more secure and reliable performance and stability far beyond those who use 18650 mobile power.
10. greater ease of use, without the need for a variety of settings, simply select the appropriate connector, you can easily use.
11. The charge side by side, in mobile power charging while you can give your digital love machine power use.