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iphone5S Samsung mobile power Po mobile phone battery charger 5200MAH | Action Power

iphone5S Samsung mobile power Po mobile phone battery charger 5200MAH | Action Power
  • iphone5S Samsung mobile power Po mobile phone battery charger 5200MAH | Action Power
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Unit price: 37-38 CNY
Reference price: 5.39-5.54 USD
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Application type: Universal LED lighting: Is Output Current: 1.5A
Input Current: 1A Brand: Terminator Whether to support solar energy: No
Power Capacity: 5200MAH

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BRS-029, paragraph multi-function mobile power charging treasure mobile phone

Contact: Ning

Tel: 13802558676

QQ: 2503765862

Emai: sales003@borosun.com

Product features and characteristics:
1. Applies to all mobile phones and digital products external charging device, solve problems when there is no AC, ensure the normal use

2. Durable, charge-discharge cycles ≥500 times, high-capacity design, to ensure that there is sufficient power output; high-current output, speed up the efficiency of charging devices
3. The design, the appearance of compact, portable, single shuttle, a button can achieve all function operation

4. Automatic sleep, non-working state automatic dormancy, prevent power loss

5. Plug & Play, USB port power supply output, plug in the cable can be realized portable, ready to charge

6. Value sharing, need not carry all kinds of charger bundled adapter can charge for all brand mobile phone

7. The high-end PC material shell, exquisite fashion

8. The special piano paint technology to create beautiful looks and extraordinary texture

9. intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and display power

Product Specifications

Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Capacity: 5200mAh
Input: DC5.0V 1000mA
Output: DC5.0V 1500mA

Size: 73.0 X 51.0 X20.0 mm
Weight: 120g

user's guidance:
1, the mobile power supply built-in battery: use Mini USB connector, output for the original power adapter or computer USB port for the output of 5v power supply for charging mobile product displays a red light when the built-in battery is charging, fully charged blue. light, fully charged Charging time depends on the size of the output current, it normally takes about 7 hours
2, with a mobile phone or other voltage loop device charging: via an interface for a USB cable or adapter to charge the device input and output ports to connect mobile power can charge, display blue lights, charging time, and whether charging Depending on the device fully charged internal battery capacity size of the decision
3, the synchronization of devices and mobile power charging: up to 12 simultaneous connections, it can achieve synchronous charging, fully charged time depending on the sum of the built-in battery and mobile power equipment built-in battery capacity may be.
4. Check the internal battery mobile power has power: You can judge by the brightness of LED lights built-in battery has power

Safety Precautions

1. Do not attempt to remove or replace any part of the product;

2. Do not exceed -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius) outside storage, nor more than 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to
40 degrees Celsius) in the case of operations, which may damage the battery or shorten battery life;

3. Do not let the product contact with water or other liquid, if water or other liquids enter the battery interior, immediately unplug this product from the notebook
Products, continued use of this product may cause fire electrical shock;

4. Do not put this product placed close to a source of heat, as the battery might explode;

5. If the battery leaks electrolyte gets into your eyes, do not rub, rinse with water, seek medical attention immediately, if not in time, the eyes will hurt.

Note: Standard is one of the three host + adapter + crystal box packaging, To change other newspapers, please communicate with the salesman