Original authentic | Mobile Power | iphone5S Samsung mobile phone charging treasure | Terminator national investment agency

Original authentic | Mobile Power | iphone5S Samsung mobile phone charging treasure | Terminator national investment agency

Product description:

Application type: Universal Output Current: 1.5A LED lighting: Is
Input Current: 0.8A Brand: Terminator Whether to support solar energy: No
Power Capacity: 5200

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Multifunction candy colors 5200MAH mobile power universal mobile phone charger

user's Guide

Cube Magic cube power bank mobile power

It used to give digital communication product with DC-5V input charging

Fits most digital devices with DC-5V input


Operating instructions

1, LED flashlight use: Press the button for 2 consecutive seconds, LED small flashlight turned on, and then a long button for two seconds, LED small flashlight close fully charged state, using a small flashlight can last up to 220 hours or more.

1.LED torch: Depress the button for 2 seconds to switch on the LED torch, to switch off depress the button for another 2 seconds again The LED torch can last more than 220hours on a full charge...

2. battery indicator: The product is equipped with a power LED and five power indicator, easy to move you to control power consumption in the following table

3. Current input and output: using MICRO input interface for mobile power charging, charging with USB output interface for other devices equipped with two charging interfaces for your accessories that can bring great convenience to you and the people around you.

3.Input / Output: The input interface is Micro connector type, output interface is USB connector There are two kinds of changeable connectors that provide compatibility to most commonly-used devices the market..
4. Give other equipment charge

To charge other devices

BRS-052 is used for digital communication product with DC-5V input charging with two charging interfaces accessories, compatible with most mobile phones and other digital communications devices.

BRS-052 fits most digital communication products with DC-5V input, Packing with two kinds of changeable connectors, it's compatible with most mobile and dIgital equipments.

Micro USB cable Micro USB cable

IPHONE4S USB cable Iphone4s USB cable

Below is a simple diagram charged to IPHONE4 Case

Example: how to charge iphone4

Mobile power charging

Charging the power bank

1. MICRO USB cable to BRS-052 mobile power charging

1. Use Micro USB cable to charge the BRS-052

2. Recommends that connect the power adapter for mobile power charging. Figure 1

2Suggest charging from AC adapter's USB fig1

3. Can be connected to a computer USB port for mobile power charging. Figure 2

3 Charging from computer's USB fig2