ZK2016 tight stitching PU leather pants waist trousers Women's autumn and winter was thin pencil pants women casual pants female

ZK2016 tight stitching PU leather pants waist trousers Women's autumn and winter was thin pencil pants women casual pants female

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: viscose fibers (viscose rayon) 65.1% polyamide fibers (nylon) 27.6% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 7.3 PU%
  • Length: trousers
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Product Number: K120904008
  • Female pants type: Pencil pants
  • Female high waistband: Waist
  • Fabric: PU leather
  • Style: Street
  • Street: Europe
  • color: black
  • Brand: ZK
  • Size: XS S M L XL
  • Component content: 31% (inclusive) -50% (inclusive)
  • Clothing style details: Collage
  • Thickness: General
  • Year season: 2015 Fall
  • Age: 25-29 years of age

Over 40,000 buyers choose leather pants, a green leather pants (formaldehyde content 15 times better than the national standard) Slim version of the type, quality counters, high elasticity, do not pick one, wild. Distress after purchase, put high retention rates, could not withstand the temptation to type finish legs!!!

Hot season stitching PU leather, so pants no longer monotonous, high-end and luxury, in the calf area of ​​the spliced ​​along with zipper design, exquisite, beautiful, feminine fashion zipper, waist and abdomen curved design, three-dimensional stickers fit type, does not distort, stretch Slim version of model, especially close fit thin, perfect 3D cutting bodice make more stickers fit type, but may be modified leg blemishes, modify the slender leg line.
W140819178 European and American wild casual pants
Design point: Waist / zipper/ Stylish and elegant / Feet pants / Slim version of model
Style No.: K120904008 Soft index soft Moderate More rigid
Color: Black Thickness index Moderate Thin section thick Thicken
product material: 100% PU leather Expected to hit 65.1% Viscose 27.6% nylon 7.3% spandex Elastic index No bombs Micro-bomb Elasticity Superelastic
Product lining: Version Index Slim Straight Loose Moderate
size XS S M L XL - Remark
Tile size
Waistline 66 70 74 78 82 - This section is recommended to buy large stretch less than half yards and 1 yard
Hips 79 83 87 91 95 -
Long pants 92.2 94 .6 96 97.4 98.8 -
Foot mouth Wai - - - - - -
Thigh 47.8 49.4 52 54.6 57.2 -
Knee Wai 30 .5 32 .5 34 .5 36.5 38 .5 -
After the file - - - - - -
Suitable for the proposed
Suitable Waist 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 -
Suitable Hips 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 -
Tips: Because size is pure manual measurement so inevitably exist 1cm-3cm, please pro understanding.
Tile measurement
Waist: buttoned buttoned waistband lap length
Hips: waistband at both sides of the front zipper bottom length 16.5cm been multiplied by 2
Thigh: profile bottom horizontal width by 2
Foot mouth circumference: leg opening width by 2
Long pants: feet to the side seams waistband
NOTE: All of the above measurements are required in zip, fasten buttons,
Pants under a state of natural straightening flat

Waist : Belly squeezed around 2cm, waist leanest parts
Waist: belly squeezed into about 1cm, the last paragraph of the side parts of the hip bone
Low waist: squeeze under the belly about 2-4cm, the last paragraph of the side hip bone and hip turning parts
Anthropometric measurements: the amount of wear bottoming yarn side, the right side of the amount of parts required, can be placed around the circle level 2 finger

Xiaoqin Ami Sand Muzi -
Height / Weight 159/88 160/95 168/115 160/100 -
Shoulder - - - - -
bust 81 78 86 82 -
Waistline 61 64 71 64 -
Hips 83 90 97 87 -
Usually wear shorts S M L S / M -
Try size XS / S S M / L M
Fitting feel

XS S a little bit tight loose

S very appropriate Suitable M / L a little big waist M very appropriate