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Yan Tai printing paste

Yan Tai printing paste
  • Yan Tai printing paste
  • Yan Tai printing paste
  • Yan Tai printing paste
Product code: 25306600001
Unit price: 21000 CNY  (3053.44 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: Black Purple Transparent
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Xingtai City Yan Tai Co., Ltd. developed a new type of paste printing paste has the following advantages:

1, high color yield, saving dyes. The sticky paste and smooth, good dispersion properties, can be uniformly dispersed dyes and accurately fixed at a certain position of the fabric without bleeding, and to prevent the easy to produce using conventional paste dyeing uneven color point, seepage flow, lack of fine lines off other ills, make pattern outline clear, bright color and can save dyes.

2, color fastness. The product condensation and hydrolysis does not occur in the PH value between 5 to 13 years was paste, good acid and electrolyte performance, with strong carrying capacity too, the dye fixation through a variety of roles on the fiber.

3, to improve production efficiency and product quality. The new paste suitable viscosity, sticky and not stick, thixotropic high, was to prepare a paste with the paste, when carrying dyes in the fabric, and fabric does not stick printing tools effectively was to avoid the traditional paste in the printing process is prone to stick blade and drag due to scrape the pulp without a net, dip net and towing because, due to soiled fabric and difficult desizing and other ills, thereby reducing the defect rate and improve the work efficiency and product quality, is a new breakthrough in the printing industry.

4, using a wide range. The product is mainly suitable for reactive dyes, disperse dyes printing process. In the acid dyes, sulfur fast hormone (pull yuan Lalanne) Dye in use can be reduced by 50% the amount of triethanolamine can be in the drum, flat use nets and rotary screen printing process, etc. may be used in cotton, velvet, cotton and other textile printing.

5, simple to use, easy to operate. The sodium alginate paste and use the same method without changing any process. First tap water or warm water into the bucket, with constant stirring, the new paste slowly poured into water , stir until no granular paste.