Durex Apple fruit with condom

Durex Apple fruit with condom

Product description:

Durex Apple fruit with condom

Green Apple, fresh love

Love fresh: Apple-flavored lubricants, bring more fun, help you to make
Let love color: fresh, natural taste, no matter how much love, still feeling fresh

Confidence index: · · · ·
Close index: · · ·
Sentiment index: · · · · ·
Persistent index: · · ·

Product name: Durex Apple fruit with a condom; Specification of the package: 12 piece; Origin: China

Condom weapon (x) font size: country food drug armed; Material component: Natural rubber latex; Nominal size: medium

Thickness: thin; Shape: wrap thread; Feature: liquid water soluble

Fragrance: Apple flavor; Brand: Durex/Durex; Nominal width: 56cm

There is love reminders: 1. correct use of condoms is effective contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS infection; But currently there is no method of contraception may be 100% effective. 2. this product is designed for straight wall plane structures, Green Apple flavor. 3. the condom, seminal vesicles, lubrication, lubricant was not added spermicide, without harming sperm.