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Durex sense of cool equipment

Durex sense of cool equipment
  • Durex sense of cool equipment
  • Durex sense of cool equipment
Product code: 25304500001
Unit price: 0.88-1.21 CNY
Reference price: 0.13-0.18 USD
Minimum order: 200
Other info: 100KG Blue
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Durex sense of cool equipment

Cold pleasure, sex 'cause exuberant

The more cold the more love: special lubricants containing mint cool feeling, to both lovers and cool stimulation, bigger thrill
The more fit to do more: the innovative and stylish design, easier to wear, more sensitive and easier to reach the climax of love

Confidence index: ••••
Intimate index: •••
Taste Index: •••••
Persistent index: •••

Product name: Durex sense of cool equipment; packaging specifications: 3 | 12-piece; Origin: China mainland

Condoms mechanical (X) Font Size: SFDA; Material: Natural rubber latex; Nominal Size: Medium

Thickness: Slim; Appearance shape: Surround thread; Features: Liquid water soluble

Flavor: mint flavor; Brand: Durex / Durex; nominal width: 56cm

Love reminder: 1. Proper use of condoms can be effective contraception, and prevent sexually transmitted diseases or HIV infection; there is currently no method of contraception can reach 100% effective 2. The product is shaped structural design, colorless, transparent, minty. type. 3. The condoms seminal vesicles, is lubricated, the lubricant is not added spermicide, not harm sperm. When using this product, if found to have discomfort, irritation or allergy, please stop using it. If symptoms persist, call consult a doctor.