Durex Extreme slim fitted condoms cool cool

Durex Extreme slim fitted condoms cool cool

Product description:

Durex Extreme slim fitted condoms cool cool

Passion cool cool, moving and intimate

Durex's thinnest: Durex is thinner than the average 20% *, meet the long-awaited love love love really intimate experience
Close and intimate contact: Unique sensi-fit ultimate technology, such as hair-thin outer skin touch has never been so meticulous nature
Enjoy ultra-cool cool feeling: increased sense of cool lubricating fluid, to bring the two sides lovers to enjoy the ultra-cool cool passion, pleasure doubly

Confidence index: •••••
Intimate index: •••••
Taste Index: ••••
Persistent index: •••

Product Name: Discovering Durex condoms loaded; Packing: 3 | 8 片 | 12-piece; Origin: China mainland

Condoms mechanical (X) Font Size: SFDA; Material: Natural rubber latex; Nominal Size: Medium

Thickness: Slim; Appearance shape: Surround thread; Features: Liquid water soluble

Scent: Fen; Brand: Durex / Durex; nominal width: 52cm

I love reminder: 1. Proper use of condoms can be effective contraception, and prevent sexually transmitted diseases or HIV infection; there is currently no method of contraception can reach 100% effective 2. The product is straight wall flat design, transparent and colorless. flavor, odor and pleasant. 3. The condoms seminal vesicles, is lubricated, the lubricant is not added spermicide, not harm sperm.