P -type self-priming centrifugal pump without clogging sewage

P -type self-priming centrifugal pump without clogging sewage

Product description:

Products Introduction

Main datas:

Capacity ( flow rate) : 50~760m³/ h

Head : 3 ~ 40m

self priming : 7ft~ 22ft

1. Overviews:

P series self priming non-clogging sewage pump is a new generation product which

is developed on the basis of the lastest technology and craftwork.

A hole is addad to make sure that stronger sewage can be cleaned quickly when pump is jammed.

The unique lubrication oil mechanical seal makes the performance more reliable and avoids to damage mechanical seal when it operates without water.

2. Main usage:

♦Municipal Project, Sewage Project, Instruction Project.
♦ Transportion of the sewage of uptown.

♦ Sewage transportion in Hospital, Hotel and so on.

♦Classification of municipal sewage treatment factory and concentrate treatment

systems engineering.

♦Tansportation of the factory and contaminated water.

3. Operation condition:

1. The temperature of medium no more than 80°C.

the density of medium is 1.0 ~1.3* 10³kg/ m³

PH is within 5~9

2. Max. diameter of solid should be less than 75mm.

3. Max. suction lift no more than 7m.

4. Technical Specification:


1. Inlet/ Outlet

2 (50mm) , 3 (75mm) , 4 (100mm) , 6 (150mm) , 8 (200mm) , 10 (250mm) , 12 (300mm)

2. Impeller Diameter


3. Rotary Speed

550RPM-2150 RPM

4. Flow Rates

8m3/ h-1275m3/ h


5. Head


6. Horsepower


7. N.W


8. G.W


9. Solid Passing


10. Material

Cast Iron, ADI, CD4MCU, 316 SS, Alloy 20, C276.

11. Diesel Driving

Water cooled or air cooled

12. Method of Connection

Self-priming pumps are available as basic units or may be flex-coupled, V-belt driven or engine mounted.

13. Drive Variation

Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo, Perkins or Chinese Diesel, Electric Motor

14. Skid Mounted on Trailer

2 or 4 wheels Trailer/ Trailor, Cart

15. Package

Exporting plywood case

16. Certification

CE , ISO9001: 2000

5. Pictures show:

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