Clap your hands good simple suction / Yi absorption / effort / silica manual breast pump wholesale agent, special direct sales

Clap your hands good simple suction / Yi absorption / effort / silica manual breast pump wholesale agent, special direct sales

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Brand: Clap your hands Clap Hands

Specifications Model: 140ML (can be customized upon request)
Bottle body: Medical grade silicone + PPSU
Tip: Medical grade silicone
Intermediate ring: PP
Manufacturer: Dongguan Splendid Technology
Origin: Dongguan

product features

Integrated design, that smoking is fed, anti-secondary pollution, easy to solve all kinds of problems breastfeeding

Unique patented shape, soft close, the process of elimination of breast pain;

Manual double suction, mother provincial effort, good sucking effect;

Comes a pacifier, put the pacifier sucking milk to breastfeed;

Ergonomic streamline design, easy to grasp;

Material lightweight, easy to carry out.

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Product description:

Breast pump, refers to extruded accumulate in the breast milk of tools in general is the time the baby is not directly applicable to suck breast milk, or a problem with the mother's nipple, and like to keep working in spite of, but still When you want breastfeeding. breast pump with electric type, manual type. In addition, breast milk may also flow from the breasts on both sides, so it is available in both breasts simultaneously, as well as two types of unilateral respectively. When the actual use , as long as the selection of products suited to their own conditions on it.

Skilled use of a breast pump

1 Before breast pump with breast fumigated warm towel and massage to stimulate the areola, so breast full expansion.

2 According to the suction line with its own conditions, we are sucking.

3 The principle is sucking 8 Minutes. ( Time should be controlled 20 Within minutes)

4 In breast and nipple pain, please stop sucking.

Lee used a breast pump

1 Help clear the breast, early open milk ;( By early milk, the baby can eat colostrum promptly, without first on the use of milk powder)

2 , Sucked out of milk, can clearly know milk, but also to determine the amount of baby feeding meal, you can see for yourself the amount of baby milk Kyo ; Avoid too fast choking baby milk or baby milk too hungry. ( Direct breastfeeding mothers always worry about milk is not enough, do not know how to determine whether the baby to eat, do not know the extent of growth of baby milk, and milk with a breast pump to suck out the contrast between the baby and the milk of the month, if indeed insufficient to replenish the formula ; Some mothers milk is rich, do jet-like, easy to choke the baby, suck suck it out with bottle feeding with bottle feeding can be avoided this.)

3 Baby feeding time is not too long a time, sucking are effective sucking, biting the nipple will not develop the habit of sleeping ;( Direct breastfeeding is likely to cause the baby's nipple-dependent, so that the baby sucking a long time, but really effective sucking time is not long, easy to develop nipple containing sleeping habits.)

4 , To avoid the baby to suck breast milk before you can only eat, but eat less nutritious milk after ;( Before the milk is generally more clear, after more concentrated milk, milk nutrient content rich front after no milk, and baby sucking generally effective only a few minutes ago, before the milk is sucked, many parents see the baby fell asleep or It is not ruffle not let your baby suck continue to eat, and so missed the baby after nutritious milk.)

5 Mother without anywhere to feed your baby, do not always remain the same for a long time in one position, which makes backache, leg pain ;

6 , Which can be done every air suction breast milk can reduce the pain brought about by the rise ;( With a breast pump relatively easy to determine whether breast being sucked empty, empty breasts will not only suck affect milk production.)

7 Baby milk is not easy to grow moss, nor will wet clothes ;( Direct lactation milk easily confused baby face full neck are causing eczema, of course, there are other reasons for eczema.)

8 Mom will not nipple crack , Avoid the pain resulting ;( Baby sucking mother's nipple is likely to bite, easily lead to inflammation, which led to forced termination of breastfeeding.)

9 Baby childhood first contact bottle, the bottle would not have refused, convenient to the baby watering, but also for lactating mothers go out to work or create the conditions for a future ;( Many baby used his mother refused to eat the bottle nipple and nipple, making complementary feeding or watering too much trouble ; And her he wanted to go out, always worried about children not Naichi, with a breast pump, then you can go before the first milk sucked out into the fridge, eat with heat.)

10 , Weaning time easier. ( Mom breast does not produce dependence, timely appropriate to the baby can add other foods, gradually weaning. Refused to eat something else when some babies weaned, the mother will be very painful oh !)

Health Tips

Breast pump usage with hot towel before milking breast massage to stimulate the areola, so that the breast completely smooth ;

To suit their own pressure milking ;

As long as the amount of extrusion of milking to eight ( Do not exceed the longest time 20 minute) ;

Breast or nipple pain felt when stopped milking ;

Use a breast pump Precautions should wash their hands before milking or handling breast milk ;

Save time to use the breast milk container lid ;

We will have frozen over 72 Breast-hour clean out ;

Do not refrigerated milk and fresh milk in feeding together ;

The thaw frozen breast milk or even a bowl of warm water inside the container on a warm temperature before feeding to ;

Do not use the microwave to thaw breast milk or directly to heat the milk to feeding children, because of the uneven distribution of the heat, it is easy to burn the child's tongue. In addition, the temperature inside the heating will destroy some of the nutrients in breast milk ;

Do not re-refrigerated breast milk. If the child can not finish a component, then put the rest disposed of, breast milk can not be after thawing 24 Then after hours.