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Supply clap your hands crystal diamond glass bottle | shatterproof temperature | Real nontoxic baby bottles

Supply clap your hands crystal diamond glass bottle | shatterproof temperature | Real nontoxic baby bottles
  • Supply clap your hands crystal diamond glass bottle | shatterproof temperature | Real nontoxic baby bottles
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Clap your hands ClapHands high boron glass bottle crystal diamond glass bottle anti-air anti-hot real account nontoxic baby bottles

Brand: Clap your hands Clap Hands
Specifications: 120180240ML
Dust cover: Poly Ping dilute (PP)
Pacifier: High transparent transparent silicone FDA
Dental cover: Poly Ping dilute (PP)
Bottle: High-boron (phyto) Glass
Silicone Case: Green FDA Silicone

Since bisphenol A, plasticizer bottle incident, the glass bottle is recognized as the safest, most assured of baby bottles, it does not contain any plasticizers, nor that bisphenol A (BPA), used glass bottles high boron glass, and some called crystal diamond glass by the system, it's very good weather resistance temperature, the maximum temperature 650 degrees, the minimum of minus 200 degrees is not any burst phenomena.

Glass bottle is the biggest drawback is easily broken, in order to avoid this problem, it now uses a high boron (crystal diamond) glass high-boron glass is much higher than ordinary glass bottles ruggedness, particularly within or without milk bottle When the water dropped from a height comes, it will not be broken. burst phenomenon does not occur when loading water ..

In order to solve the shortcomings of the fragile glass bottle, pretty color technology outside the high-boron glass bottle plus a thickened silicone protective cover, strengthened shatterproof bottle level, and enhance the safety factor bottle.

Pacifier use liquid food-grade silicone production, internal thread design, effective growth of the nipple of life, reduce baby feeding bottle because the force pulling the pacifier usage time is reduced. This extended 8MM in pulling the nipple, the tensile strength and elastic super.

Packing: 1 set / box
1. Before the first use should be cleaned, sterilized bottles and all the accessories.
2. Clean feeding clean, disinfect, to prepare for the next use. Otherwise, the contents of the bottle easy to breed bacteria, causing the baby's stomach problems.
3. .
1. Glass bottles and cold water together with the need to put the pot boil for about 10 minutes.
2. The use of professional tools for bottle sterilization and disinfection of a full range of accessories.
3. The selection of bottle nipples special disinfection liquid disinfectant, detailed usage instructions, refer to the disinfectant.
The glass bottle heat transfer faster, avoid direct take bottles during sterilization to avoid burns

1. pacifiers pacifier use can not be done.
2. Before use, please check the fine Aberdeen bottles, teats stretch, such as damaged, replace it immediately
Thoroughly wash and press 3. Use the recommended method for sterilization before.
4. Do not place the bottle directly on the cooking on the stove or in the microwave heating, sterilization, resulting in damage to the bottle.