Clap your hands full silicone bottle | medical grade liquid silicone | nontoxic

Clap your hands full silicone bottle | medical grade liquid silicone | nontoxic

Product description:

Clap your hands Clap Hands wide mouth silicone bottle design is the imitation breast silicone bottle, let your baby use a bottle can feel the warm embrace of her mother.

Specifications Model: 140ML (can request customized)

Material: bottle body: Medical grade silicone + PPSU

Pacifier: Medical grade silicone + intermediate ring PP

Cleaning cover: PP

Clap your hands Clap Hands wide mouth silicone bottle features:

1. The transfer of maternal love

Lovely shape design, real skin feeling material, from the visual, tactile maximize the maternal passed to the baby. Baby's emotional stability, helps to improve emotional intelligence and intellectual development.

2. Security without Bisphenol A

Product by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, the United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of the safety tests by the European standard EN-14350 testing, bottles and teats body using advanced medical silicone, all components They are free from bisphenol A, to ensure the safety of feeding.

3. Easy to use

Wide mouth design, easy to brew milk, no milk can brush cleaning easier and more thorough.

4. Anti-flatulence function

Unique air intake design, to avoid inhaling too much air the baby caused by flatulence, stomach pain

5. Milk leakproof design

Bottle and bottle connection processing, by injection process to produce, easy to assemble, and does not leak milk leaking.

Packing: 1 set / box
1. Before the first use should be cleaned, sterilized bottles and all the accessories.
2. Clean feeding clean, disinfect, to prepare for the next use. Otherwise, the contents of the bottle easy to breed bacteria, causing the baby's stomach problems.
3. The bottle and nipple soft silicone materials are used by the system, in order to avoid damage, do not use a wire brush and brown brush cleaning. 4. Do not use corrosive chemical detergent bottle.
1. boiling water disinfection will wash a good, filling water bottles and accessories into the pot boiling; disinfection time sustainable boiling water for 10-30 minutes so that full attention should be over bottles and accessories, so wait until the soup cause damage. prolonged boiling will affect the life of the bottle.
2. Microwave disinfection use special microwave sterilization containers, bottles and accessories can be placed directly into the microwave disinfection. Follow the instructions dedicated containers for use. Press the microwave instructions using the method used to operate.
3. The selection of bottle nipples special disinfection liquid disinfectant, detailed usage instructions, refer to the disinfectant.

1. pacifiers pacifier use can not be done.
2. Before use, please check the fine Aberdeen bottles, teats stretch, such as damaged, replace it immediately
Thoroughly wash and press 3. Use the recommended method for sterilization before.
4. Do not place the bottle directly on the cooking on the stove or in the microwave heating, sterilization, resulting in damage to the bottle.