Direct supply of special anti-flatulence clap your hands / discharge spits, safety / non-toxic silicone bottle full custom OEM wholesale

Direct supply of special anti-flatulence clap your hands / discharge spits, safety / non-toxic silicone bottle full custom OEM wholesale

Product description:

product features:

Feel lovely egg shape, stimulate baby curiosity, let the baby fall in love with nurse

Egg-type appearance patent, lovely small;

Mom skin-like soft touch pass motherly, baby appease emotions;

Anti-flatulence, anti spits;

High and low temperature -50 ℃ -200 ℃, random disinfection is not deformed;

Step 3 simple assembly, easy to carry.

Clap your hands baby feeding supplies biggest feature is that the product

Raw materials used by all imported food grade, liquid silicone

Safe, non-toxic, texture and comfortable, bring your baby mama muscle

Skin feels the same.

Product description:

Using medical-grade silicone, the baby safe and healthy. Silicone is also an absorbing material may Hu, even on normal, breast milk also non-perishable, in the refrigerator or freezer when you can better maintain the freshness of breast milk. Because silicone is harmless, colorless and tasteless material, so we can feel at ease to use. Silica gel is a kind of feeling like human skin material, a good first silicone bottle is feeling better. When feeding the baby, the baby often take a small holding a bottle and milk; nice touch not only conducive to the baby's emotional stability, have contributed to the development of emotional intelligence of the baby, which is the other material of the bottle can not be compared.

1 : Soft bottle

Soft as skin feel, will play a stabilizing role in the baby's mood.

2 : Washing disinfection

In boiling water or in the microwave disinfection does not cause deformation, silicone bottle plastic bottle than the average heat sterilization is no problem for a long time after the plastic part is removed, only the silica in water bottles and teats where disinfection ( disinfection : One week one or two) .

3 : No odor

Silica gel is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic materials, food or liquid put a long time will not have the kind of plastic or rubber container taste, freshness can be maintained.

4 : Portable

When they go out, you can put several teats and bottles ( Silicone section ) After separation together. Reduced size, easy to carry.


1 , Before use, are first thoroughly washed with water and placed in boiling water with a sterilizer, or no more than 5 Minutes disinfected before use.

2 When feeding, make sure the temperature inside the bottle, so as not to burn the baby, but can not let your baby eating alone.

3 Before each use, both to check whether there are cracks or scalloped pacifiers, if damaged, replace immediately a new nipple.

4 Do not let your baby eat and sleep holding the bottle, because the food is likely to cause the sugar baby tooth decay.

5 Pacifier pacifier not be used for general use; the general effect of the proposed trial period: latex pacifiers 4-6 Zhou; silicone pacifier 8-10 week.

6 Such as the use of bottle cleaning fluid, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning fluid use.

7 Do not place the nipple in the dishwasher detergent to avoid damage.

8 , Stored in a cool dry place pacifiers and baby can not reach the place, and avoid direct sunlight.

9 : Timely disinfection, silicone bottle suitable for microwave disinfection way, when you use the microwave sterilizer before sterilization, please refer to the instructions for use microwave sterilizer.