MF127 round saw blade tooth grinder

MF127 round saw blade tooth grinder

Product description:

The machine is mainly used to grinding carbide round saw blade in different angles. Working with diamond grinding wheel, the machine can grind the tooth surface, addendum, tooth surface bevel and addendum bevel of the carbide round saw blade. It has wide application and can be operated easily and positioning accurately, the adjustment of the saw blade diameter and angle, and the pitch adjustment can be done conveniently. When input the corresponding data, the procedures can be finished automatically, each adjusted section has good data performance; it can also regrind the carbide round saw blade in varied cutting angles. Besides, this machine can grind flat tooth, bevel tooth, interlaced tooth, trapezoidal tooth, combined tooth of carbide round saw blade. It is the necessary grinding machine for the industries of wood machining, artificial board making, furniture making, ship making, telecom equipment making and so on.

The machine has the intelligent counter of parameter setting, button setting operation with software, dual 6-bit LED digital display, adopting high-performance PHILIPS CMOS chip as control CPU, out-put and in-put optoelectronic isolation, strong anti-jamming ability, power failure automatic data protection, and the setting is friendly.




Grinding capacity

Grinding saw diameter


Grinding bore diameter of saw

ф16,ф20, ф22, ф25.4, ф30, ф40, ф50

Max saw tooth depth


Grinding wheel specification

10*ф32 (ф16) *ф125mm

Grinding wheel rotating speed

4800r/ min

Speed of dialing tooth

0-24 teeth/ m (variable speed)


Grinding wheel


Feeding motor


Cooling system


Machine size


Package size


Machine weight