MF2515B automatic knife grinder

MF2515B automatic knife grinder

Product description:

The machine is used mainly for grinding various types of the straight blade cutting tools at different angles. It is suitable for grinding different types of straight blade cutting tools such as furniture making, wood processing, printing and textile industry etc. The machine has good and reasonable appearance arrangement, it consist of the 7 components including the main body, the workbench, the carriage, the grinding head, the automatic feeding, the circuitry and the cooling, the structure of each section is compact.

Machine bed rails selection of imported linear rail, the working table angle can be adjusted by gyration 0-90 °, It clamps the blade with electric magnetic chuck, so the clamping is safe and reliable, the grinding head feed the blade with the speed regulation of frequency-transformer. The feed speed can be adjusted in uniform in the range of 0-60Hz according to processing requirement, so as to assure the grinding quality. For better understanding of the operation and maintenance of the machine, please read the following indication of the use.




Max grinding capacity (L*W*H)


Grinding wheel rotating speed

2840r/ m

Grinding wheel size

Φ32*Φ 125*50mm

Grinding wheel rotating angle



Grinding wheel


Cooling system


Working light


Machine size


Package size


Machine weight