Factory direct supply Huaneng hune 608zz Plastic bearings

Factory direct supply Huaneng hune 608zz Plastic bearings

Product description:

  • Brand: Huaneng hune
Detailed description

Product Description Product Description:

Name: Deep groove ball bearings 608ZZ

Specifications: diameter = 22mm, inner diameter = 8mm, Width = 7mm

Material: carbon steel, bearing steel

Dust cover: no cover, metal cover, stainless steel metal cover, plastic cover

Process: electroplating or ultra-fine, heat treatment

Hole process: Standard, punching, grinding holes

Purpose: pulleys, furniture hardware accessories, instruments and equipment

Advantages: 1) Factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance;

2) low noise, smooth feel, can be customized non-standard bearings;

3) 15 years of industry experience, with punching, grinding, instruments, injection molding, automatic assembly machines and automatic assembly line and other advanced equipment, custom processing all types of hardware accessories;

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Packing & shipping information Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging: Independent plastic bag, cardboard box

Delivery time: inventory and shipping, bulk orders 30% deposit;

Delivery: Express delivery of small single, large single logistics delivery;

Shipping: courier companies and logistics company in accordance with the standard fee;

Meanwhile, the company undertake non-standard and non-standard bearing pulleys customized services. Pulleys and bearings, can according to the customer's drawings or samples for production.