Supply China Hune sliding door plastic door pulley

Supply China Hune sliding door plastic door pulley

Product description:

  • Product brand: Huaneng Hune
  • Product number: SD-922V
A detailed description

Product description Product Description:

Name: Rubber bearings, door and window pulley SD-922V

Specifications: =22mm outer diameter, thickness =9.5mm

Material: POM POM, nylon PA66

Outline: V-Groove

Bearing material: Carbon steel

Colour: White, gray, black, or according to custom

Uses: Furniture hardware fittings, moving Windows and doors, glass sliding doors, aluminum Windows and doors, shower bath pulley and drawers

Advantages: 1) factory direct price, quality assurance;

2) contracted deep groove ball bearing adhesive, slide the flexible, no noise, the appearance of beautiful flawless processing by instrument;

3) 15 industry experience, equipped with presses, grinding, gauges, injection, automatic Assembly machines and automatic pipelining and other advanced equipment, custom processing of various kinds of metal parts;

Packaging & shipping information Packaging&Delivery:

Packing: in separate plastic bags, cardboard boxes

Delivery time: stock kuandaofahuo, bulk orders for 30% deposit;

Shipping methods: small single dispatch, logistics shipment;

Shipping costs: by courier and logistics company standards;

Bearings with GB Z1 bearing set, such as 625ZZ, 626ZZ, 608ZZ, 695ZZ, 604ZZ, 696ZZ, high hardness, speed and stability, superfinish of Raceway, feel good, no noise, free card. RIM molding material using high quality Pom POM, nylon PA66, PP polypropylene, polycarbonate, PC, PVC, Pu PU, ABS and so on. After the injection, RIM effective surface, using lathes, to ensure a smooth appearance and a good concentricity and roundness.

My company's pulley, beautiful shape, novel, stable, affordable, long-term export Japan, Korea market; While in Europe, the Middle East market, has long enjoyed an excellent reputation.

Meanwhile, the company undertook a variety of non-standard bearings as well as non-standard pulley custom-made services. Pulleys and bearings can be manufactured according to customer's drawings or samples. Welcome all the friends of inquiries!

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