2KW wind generator

2KW wind generator

Product description:

2KW wind generator / windmill / wind turbine / wind power equipment / wind energy generator

Products features

1. Low start wind speed and starting torque, high generating efficiency

2. Permanet magnet wind turbine generator, durable in use

3. Yaw motor system and pitch system, aerodynamic brake & manul brake

4. Glassfibre high efficiency blades

5. Simple construction, easy install and minimal maitenance

6. Service life is more than 15 years

The yaw system

Our products adopt the yaw system and the new design tail shape.

The tail can change automatically to adjust the speed based on the wind speed to protect the generator.

The other advantage is as the following

  • The construction of the generator is simple,no complicate and movable components.

  • The three phase slip ring of conductive of electric power makes no cable twist phenomenon.

  • Construction of the gyration bearing no rigid drive is benefit to the generator life.

  • Simple control system and voluntarily meeting wind improve the efficiency of power outputting.

Company profile

Qingdao Xingguang Wind Power Generator Co., Ltd.is located in the seatown Jiaonan City in Qingdao.Our company is specialized in the researching, manufacturing and providing medium-mini wind turbine for enterprise, house island or small wind farms etc. Our products are sold to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Hainan and the other twenty provinces, and exported to Britain, France, Denmark, North Korea, Korea, America, Japan, Argentina and the other dozens of countries and areas. We can offer the user with high quality, reliable and energy efficient power supply project. Our company engaged in the exploit of wind and solar hybrid system, so we can use all the green energy for electric power. Besides, we offer new design wind solar hybrid street light system which adopt XG special 300w/ 600w wind generator on the top will be a city landscape on both side of the street.


1. Tower type and tower height can be changed as per your request

2. Working voltage can be specially designed according to your request

3. For the power curve and detail, please feel free to contact us.