3kw vertical axis wind turbine

3kw vertical axis wind turbine

Product description:

rated power


Insulation Class


Maximum power


Housing material

20# Seamless steel pipe

Wind wheel length


Magnet Material

NdFeB 38sh

The maximum starting torque moment n / m

( 1.1

Stator Material

QZY-2/180 /470

Rated speed (r / min)


Anti-corrosion measures

Galvanized, spray paint

Rated wind speed

12 (m / s)

Leaf form

5 High-strength glass steel blade

Start wind speed

3 (m / s)

Overspeed protection

Electromagnetic protection

Working wind speed

3-25 (m / s)

Suggested batteries

12v100ah Ten

Security wind speed

50 (m / s)

Useful life

15 Year or more

Ideal wind speed

4-15 (m / s)

You can take the load

Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, rice cookers, color television sets, lighting, electric fan, charging, heating, induction cooker, communication base stations, computers, power tools and so on.

The output voltage


Tower height (m)


Top quality (kg)


Output Control

Wind and solar intelligent controller, sine wave inverter

Supporting reasonable solar panels

120v 600w-1200w