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Bosideng middle-aged and old down jacket Men's high waist warm inside and outside to wear thicker down jacket pants winter trousers

Bosideng middle-aged and old down jacket Men's high waist warm inside and outside to wear thicker down jacket pants winter trousers
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Product parameters:

  • Year of the year: Winter 2015
  • Brand: Bosideng / Bosideng
  • Material composition: new polyester fiber 100%
  • Applicable season: winter
  • (Fast trousers feet) vertical fat version (zipper trousers) vertical thin version (zipper trousers) Thick fat version
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Clothing version type: Slim type
  • Size: 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190 190 200
  • Style: within the wear
  • Item No .: SR2415
  • Filling: more than 90% white duck down
  • Applicable scene: home
  • Applicable to: middle age
  • Basic style: fashion city
  • Break down style: basic public
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: other

Fat version size table

Waist stretch for waist circumference : Such as 2.2-2.7 feet. Meaning normal Tile is 2.2 feet , After normal stretching is 2.7 feet (Waist is loose). This is the size of the waist between the appropriate. Size table for manual manual measurement, allowing 3 cm error.

Fat version of the special needle push the needs of the elderly to do with the increase in fat, Fat version for 2.2-3.5 size, more relaxed and comfortable. Batch different, the style will be slightly different.

Slim size table

Waist stretch for waist circumference : Such as 2-2.5 feet. Meaning normal Tile is 2 feet , Normal stretching is 2.5 feet (Waist is elastic). This is the size of the waist between the right.

Thin version suitable for 2-3 feet between the waist. Batch different, the style will be slightly different.

Intimate little tips: a foot is about 33 cm. Pro can be converted. Size table for manual manual measurement, measurement methods and different ruler standards allow a small amount of about 3 cm error. Because each person's body is not the same, wearing clothes style and habits are different, so the clothes wear on the body effect and feel certainly different, we customer service is based on your data to understand the clothes and old customers feedback for your recommendation Of the pro can also refer to the next size table.

Note: different batches, the fabric will be a little color, but not much access to the color of the error received

Upgraded trousers are threaded trousers, high waist design.

Is experienced three years after countless customers to buy feedback word of mouth a relatively high cost of wearing a down jacket.
In the work is to withstand the time and the test of the years, the classic version of the type, never out of date, the upper body has a big sense,
In strict accordance with the quality of export standards, the implementation of all the secret side of the liner, the needle used every 3 cm 14-pin density sewing!
Real material of the feather content, enough grades.
Vertical bar version is a zipper pants, high waist design.
Is on the basis of the original continuous improvement and update. After 36000 real customers visit feedback. Fabric and feel a step further
To enhance the re-filling is fine on the selection of fine high-quality duck down. So warm better. . Zipper models than the upgrade section of the fabric is more soft, more good cashmere Oh ~ so the warm effect is better.
(Because the batches are different, some pants twist is the button of four small eyes.

Really good feathers will take the initiative to automatically adsorb to the human body. Artificial manufacturing and poor quality duck down will not.

Good feather after burning no smell. No strong black smoke

Upgrades models
Vertical section model display
After payment in accordance with the order order, early payment early delivery, part of the customer response to why the goods will be issued from Henan? Our head office in Changshu, Jiangsu, you now see Taobao all the Bosidian shop are used The company's unified inventory , Thousands of share a stock, there will be out of stock and delivery slow phenomenon, We come back from the company Tuen goods, in order to be photographed the day of the order issued on the same day, More convenient and more convenient for customer service, if some customers are more mind, we can also ship from the head office, but not necessarily the same day can be issued, there is a special need to give us customer service MM message notes. We will try to meet you The requirements of the.

Many customers will ask after the purchase, Why the tag is gray duck down, and in the shop to see the video is white duck down , Here to share with you personally very sad and hard story, you now buy and see the video is really white duck down.
This batch of goods I spent half a year, and the company in consultation, the company was sure the system. The middle of a variety of difficult and unknown obstacles linked to the words, but the tag is a security code can not be personal production, so tag Of the gray duck down the words no way to replace, but the ultimate goal is to ensure that each received our feather pants of the pro-satisfaction. This pants for the Bosidian official custom white duck down jacket, Taobao other Bosidian businesses are using gray duck down, so the cost is higher than other businesses.We also specialize in the video and clothes cut open the picture, the pro who can verify What ~