Bosideng down pants middle-aged man wearing a thick waist warm inside and outside the liner big yards down pants trousers winter

Bosideng down pants middle-aged man wearing a thick waist warm inside and outside the liner big yards down pants trousers winter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2013 Fall
  • Brand: Bosideng / Bosideng
  • Material: 100% new polyester fiber
  • Color Classification: upgrade paragraph thin version of the classic upgrade paragraph thin section thin version of the fat version Version bars bars Edition Version fat paragraph kneepad thin version of the classic version of the fat
  • Length: trousers
  • Clothing type version: Slim
  • Size: 155,160,165,170,175 180,185,190,195,200
  • Style: inner wear
  • Item No: SR2415
  • Material: Nylon
  • Nylon content: 95%
  • Filler: 90% white duck down
  • Applicable scene: Home & Garden
  • Suitable for: middle-aged
  • Basic style: Fashion City
  • Subdivision style: Volkswagen foundation
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Other

Down is really good initiative will automatically snap to the human body. Artificial and poor duck is not.

No smell after burning down good. No thick black smoke

Fat version Size Chart

Stretch waist for waist circumference : 2.2-2.7 feet as meaning normal. Tile is 2.2 feet , After the normal stretching is 2.7 feet (Elastic waist). This is between waist size are suitable for the size chart measurements manually, allowing 3 cm error.

Fat push pin layout special needs of the elderly do fertilizer to increase the money, Fat version for 2.2-3.5 sizes, more relaxed and comfortable. Batches of different styles will be slightly different.

Thin version Size Chart

Stretch waist for waist circumference : 2-2.5 feet mean as normal. Tile is 2 feet , After the normal stretching is 2.5 feet (Elastic waist). This is between waist size are appropriate.

Thin version for waist circumference between 2-3.3 feet. Compare personal. Batches of different styles will be slightly different.

Intimate Tip: foot about 33 cm pro who can look at the size conversion table is manually measured, different standard ruler and measure the different ways allowed three centimeters a small error... Because everyone's body is different, dress style and habits are different, so the clothes on the body effect and feel sure are different, our customer service is in accordance with your data binding clothes understanding and old customer feedback for you recommended the pro can also refer to the size chart.

NOTE: Batch different fabrics have a slight color difference, but differ significantly in order to receive the mistakes colors prevail
Upgraded trousers threaded cuffs, waist design.

Experienced three years later after numerous customer feedback wearing type high reputation in the cost of a down pants.
In the work will stand the test of time and the years, the classic version, timeless, big sense of this paragraph have the upper body,
In strict accordance with the implementation of export quality standards, the interior side of the handle all the secret, using pins per cm 3 density 14-pin sewing!
Down the content of real materials of sufficient quality.
Bars Edition zipper cuffs, waist design.
We are continuously improved and updated on the basis of the original. After 36,000 real customer visits reserved. Fabric and feel larger step
Promotion. Rechargeable cashmere is a fine selection of quality duck down, so the better the thermal effect. . Upgrade section than the zipper paragraph fabric softer, more charge down oh so warm and better results.
(Because different batches, some pants twisting deduction of four small eyes buttons.)
FIG upgrade section models show
Terms of FIG vertical models show
After the payment order in accordance with the order, early payment early delivery, some customers will issue a response to why the goods from Henan? Our head office in Changshu, you are looking at all the shops on Bosideng Amoy treasure are used in Unity Stock Corporation , Thousands of sharing a stock, there will be out of stock and slow delivery of the phenomenon, We Zhunhuo back from the company, is the day to take orders issued on the same day, More efficient and more convenient for the customer service, if any, customers are more mind, we can ship from the head office, but not necessarily on the same day can be issued with special needs, then you can give our customer service MM message notes. We will try to meet your requirements.

Many customers will ask after the purchase, Why is the tag on gray duck down, while in the shop to see the video is white duck down Here to share with you my personal very sad and difficult a story, you buy now and see where the video is really white duck down.
The goods I spent half a year, and the company continues to negotiate, the company finally agreed to a custom intermediate sorts of difficulties and unknown dangers hard to describe, but there is the security code on the tag is not personal productivity, so tag words gray duck down temporarily no way to replace, but the ultimate goal is to ensure that each receive our pants down pro satisfaction. The official Bosideng down pants to custom white duck down pants, Taobao Bosideng other businesses are using gray duck down, so the cost is higher than other businesses. We also shot a special video cropping and clothes open pictures kiss can verify about ~