Multifunctional automobile starting power

Multifunctional automobile starting power

Product description:

Multifunctional automobile starting power

Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd. turn on the power with their own patents, fairly mature automobile emergency power production experience. My company was granted by the high-tech enterprises, the automobile emergency power supply for the high-tech R & D results start, has been the national automotive power system patents, international CE-EMC, 3C, Fcc and RoHS environmental protection and many other international certification.

Product Name: Car mobile power emergency start

Battery type: high magnification power polymer lithium battery

Size: 131 X 75 X 25 mm

Weight: 320g

Capacity: 29.6Wh

Output power: 80% conversion rate

Rated input: 12V/ 1A

Rated output: 5V/ 2A; 12V car starts output

Starting current: 200A

Peak current: 400A

Charging time: 6H

Operating temperature : 0-25 degrees

Humidity: 65% -25%

Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / -4 ℉ ~ 140 ℉

Protection: short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge protection

Main features: Emergency vehicles activated, LED lights (lighting, strobe, SOS) , the other on the mobile phones, tablet computers, MP3, MP4, digital camera, PDA, handheld games, learning and other products charge.

Products Advantage:

1: The smallest and lightest portable power with patented technology in the current market.

2: Use 12000mAh high capacity and high power battery. Support fast charging, low self-discharge, cycles can reach 1000times.

3: Support 12V vehicle start, and charge for various mobile phone. PSP, MP3/ MP4, PDA, notebook, car refrigerator and so on.

4: Flashlight function. Support 3 kind lighting modes.

5: Multiple safety protection design ensure jamp starter zero defect.

Mobile phones and other 5V Output: car starts 5V power supply is also equipped with a power output of more support for mobile phones , PND, MP3 and other entertainment equipment life