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OBD module

OBD module
  • OBD module
  • OBD module
  • OBD module
  • OBD module
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Car networking module

EST527_MINI OBD module is a car car compliance level networking protocol standard modules OBDII data analysis products, support ISO9141-2, ISO14230 (KWP) , ISO15765 (CANBUS) and other physical layer protocol , through OBD-16 standard interface with existing there are most of the car's ECU for diagnostic communications ;

EST527_MINI module of the sensor values automotive electronic control system converts the data output UART format , users of the product modules with fast connections via EST527_MINI cars, car networking products easy secondary development ;

EST527_MINI terminal also supports standard OBDII automotive diagnostic capabilities , support for DTC diagnostic requests , fault code output , fault codes cleared.

OBDII interface supports standard

Agreement covering all major car

Dual MCU, processing speed , which is five times the ELM327 s

PC without any operation , all data numerically return

Accurate mileage algorithm accuracy 99.5%

Support instantaneous fuel consumption , average fuel consumption and fuel consumption data

Support vehicle diagnostic trouble codes , two instructions to complete the read and clear fault codes

Terminal design, high level of integration

Car jamming design regulatory level

Stamp hole and pin dual interface designed to meet all applications

AT command set is easy to use

Greatly enhance the efficiency of the secondary development , shorten the development cycle

Please refer to the manual : EST527_MINI OBDII Terminal Data Sheet V1.0