automobile fault diagnosis

automobile fault diagnosis

Product description:

automobile fault diagnosis

Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd Chinese OBD fault code library is the newest , most complete, most detailed Chinese automotive OBD fault codes Detailed library , combined automotive car OBD fault diagnosis and related networking , speed Rui Technology open API, car OBD networking automotive fault diagnostic applications is the industry integral part of the application , a move of great significance.

With economic globalization and the car is becoming more cosmopolitan , as a driver and emissions -based diagnosis , OBD vehicle networking system will be more widely implemented and applied , on-board diagnostic OBD system implementation, to automotive professionals diagnosis brought unprecedented convenience. Any maintenance personnel can use the same equipment for all vehicles produced in accordance with the standard for fault diagnosis in the same location by the same diagnostic interface . Chinese and global maintenance staff will be more deeply felt OBD strong technical base.

For example : Our self-developed EST527 extensive testing and programming , OBD module already has a mature total mileage , average fuel consumption algorithm, read automotive data flow, total mileage , instantaneous fuel consumption , this mileage , fuel consumption of the times , average fuel consumption , the whole car checks , read and clear fault codes, calculated load , engine speed , vehicle speed, intake air temperature , air flow, throttle opening , the control module voltage , fuel trim , ignition advance angle cylinder , intake pressure and many other data .

EST527 module is a communication protocol module with the car , with various control modules can now diagnose the vast majority of vehicles communication , location tracking remote access control

ST527 module can send AT commands via RS232 serial port configuration protocol parameters to achieve a fully functional OBD automotive diagnostic