Multi-function Auto Emergency Start Power

Multi-function Auto Emergency Start Power

Product description:

Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd self-developed E-Power-3 Multi-function Auto Emergency Start Power . Convenient mobile power

Source , 12V car power is on, its features are used in automotive power loss or other reasons can not start the car when start the car , while the air pump and emergency power supply , outdoor lighting and other functions together, is essential for outdoor travel one of the products .

Product parameters :

Battery Capacity: 12000mAh

Size : 131 * 75 * 25mm

Weight : 320g

Output : 5V/ 2A; 12V/ 2A; 19V/ 3.5A

Input : 12V/ 2A

Starting current : 200A

Peak current : 400A

Two main functions:

112 V car emergency start .

2 , the brand mobile phones, tablet PCs , PSP, MP3/ MP4 PDA handheld computers and other electronic products charge / power supply.

3 , car refrigerator 12V automotive electronic power supply.

4 , three models of LED light function ( lighting , strobe , SOS signal ) .

Third, the application scenario:

1 , travel time not driving , the car can not be started .

2 night parking lights to forget the car can not start the next day .

3 , Chinese New Year firecrackers or noisy car alarms cause long open , the battery power runs out , the car does not start.

4 , extreme cold weather , you can not start the car .

5 , smartphones, tablet computers, the battery is not to force.

6 , long-distance car travel , camping , lighting, distress signals , power supply and other small appliances

Four crowd or units :

ALICE , driving enthusiasts, business people and other car owners .


Multi-function Auto Emergency Start Power everything , so you're out , less worry , more comfortable, let your family a little less to worry about , more of a peace of mind !