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Multi-function Jump Starter

Multi-function Jump Starter
  • Multi-function Jump Starter
  • Multi-function Jump Starter
  • Multi-function Jump Starter
  • Multi-function Jump Starter
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Car emergency start power supply design concept for easy operation, easy to carry , and able to respond to emergency situations . Emergency vehicles currently on the market starting power mainly two types of lead-acid batteries and the like, the other is a lithium polymer classes.

Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd self-developed Multi-function Jump Starter, car emergency power , emergency power supply utility vehicle start , ignition power has been the national automotive power system patents , international CE-EMC, 3C, Fcc and RoHS environmental protection and many other international certification.

How to use Multi-function Jump Starter

1, connect the supplied charging female insert emergency starter charging connector and confirm firmly.

2, the charging cable , the other end into an electrical outlet , and confirm firmly. (220V)

3 , when the charge indicator will light indicates charging is in progress.

4 , after the charging is complete , turn off the lights and let stand for 1 hour, the battery voltage detection to meet the requirements , that means full .

5, do not charge more than 24 hours long .

Product Highlights :

Independent research and development , similar products smallest lightest ;

Material grade : 12000mAh high capacity using high-power polymer batteries , to support fast charging, low self-discharge , charge and discharge cycles up to 1000 times ;

Supports a wide range : Support 12V car emergency start , the brand mobile phones , PSP, MP3/ MP4 handheld PDA, laptop and other products charge / power supply , along with lighting function ;

Safety: Imported circuit voltage protection , to ensure zero defect products .


Size : 131 * 75 * 25mm, with one pair of red and black clip

Output 5V/ 2A; 12V/ 2A; ;

Enter 12V/ 1-2A; completely fill time about 3 hours ;

Starting current 300A; 400A peak current

Function : Car needs to be restarted after flameout rely on battery ignition, once the battery power loss or damage , car does not start, this time , our products on a grand appearance, with a large car battery clips were clamped sign both ends , you can instantly start the car ! Widely used in automobile rescue, car emergency start.