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Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power

Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power
  • Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power
  • Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power
  • Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power
  • Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power
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Multifunctional Car Emergency start Power

2013 , automotive supplies market is a virgin surgery applications, markets are booming by

themajority of automotive supplies warm welcome. What makes this market so hot, what are the

secretbehind ?As we all know , Aicheyizu long drive home, oil, spare tire and tools for car repair

, we will takeinto account the problems , but if the car battery is dead it? Car will not start.

how to do ?Recently on the market , the speed Rui Technology launched the E-POWER3 multifunction

car emergencystarting power supply , easy to solve because no electric car battery problem caused

the car can not start, the quality of their products is guaranteed, but also E-POWER3 Multifunction

car emergency startis important that the power in this regard a number of international

certification through theInternational CE-EMC, 3C, FCC, RoHS environmental protection , PES and so

on. E-POWER3 multifunctional emergency power supply is on, the car ignition supporting

devicesinvolve the use alligator clips ( commonly known as: Martial Law ) sandwiched between the

two polesof a car battery , car battery in the car to help the poor electric start , can also

provideemergency lighting voltage , for a variety of digital devices for charging . Convenient

travel oroutdoor activities become essential goods vehicle owners can be widely used in automotive

andvarious motor vehicles. E-POWER3 versatile and multi-purpose emergency power to start their own

advantages not onlyreflected in the poor power to start the car when the car first : private mold

products , hasapplied for the appearance of the patented technology , similar products in the

minimum volume , mass of the lightest , compact appearance . Second : the use of high-power 10000mAh

high capacitypolymer batteries , to support fast charging, low self-discharge , charge and

discharge cycles upto 1000 times three: support 12V car emergency start , the brand mobile phones .

PSP, MP3/ MP4, Pocket PC PDA and other products charge / power supply , along with lighting, distress

, strobefunction , its maximum peak current of 400A, fourth : PICC PICC underwriting product , V:

multiplesafety protection design , built-in high-voltage stun gun that lets you use in critical

areas saferWe also expect more people to be able to favor our products, to discuss cooperation with

our agency, our products can be brought to the country, to bring us the true owners insurance and