Universal Power Bank Car Jump Start

Universal Power Bank Car Jump Start

Product description:

Universal Power Bank Car Jump Start

12V 12000mAh universal power bank car jump start

When you travel or driving on the highway when the car breaks down how to do ? When your car can not start a long stay in the cold in how to do ?

Now car mate emergency start power utility vehicles can easily solve all of your problems .

Product parameters :

Capacity : 12000mAh

Starting current : 200A

Peak current : 400A

Input : 12V/ 2A

Output : 5V/ 2A, 12V/ 2A, 19V3.5A

Size : 160 * 75 * 28mm

Weight : 0.43kg

Package size : 265 * 190 * 28mm

Carton Size : 39 * 32 * 54cm (20 units / box )

Weight : 24kg / GW : 25kg / box

Features: high-quality, small size , large capacity, light weight. Portable, high- rate discharge lithium polymer battery .

Special note:

1. To start 12V cars, please make sure at least THREE LED lights of EPOWER are bright.

2. Connect the red battery clip to the battery positive (+) and black clip to the battery

negative (-) and insert the plug into e-power.

3. Turn the ignition switch to start position.

4. Once the car is started, disconnect the plug and remove the battery clips within 30s.

Features :

1 Car Emergency Start Power : car battery is dead when the battery acts as a temporary role to start the car ;

2 mobile power : can give mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs and other devices with USB2.0 data cable charge ; .

3 LED lights , can be used as a torch with strobe function and sending SOS signals ( outdoor adventure , off-road ) .

? Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd Universal Power Bank Car Jump Start

, high temperature , high security , small , multi- purpose , car emergency portable outdoor living treasure turn on the power to make your travel worry-free .